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We're back in the Golden Age of travel, and you are a member of the infamous gang of Baggage Bandits. You and your crew go around to various luggage compartments and break into as many suitcases as you can get your hands on with the hope of gaining possession of valuable souvenirs and precious artifacts. The more you steal, the bigger the payoff from your boss. Do you have what it takes to make a living off this life of crime? 

The Baggage Bandits is a 15 minute portable pop up escape game experience that can be set up indoors or outdoors at various events and festivals all throughout the New England area. Small groups of 2-4 play at a time, and we can customize the length of the game based on your event size and total number of participants. Hourly and daily rates are available for renting out this game, as well as a pay per player option where the event participants themselves sign up and pay to play. This mini game is great for giving players a taste of what escape rooms are all about without taking up too much of their time, and is sure to leave them wanting to play more! Please contact us for more information or to book us for your next event.