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Taunton's First Escape Game Experience!

You've got the Q's
We've got the A's


Q. What is an Escape Game?

A. It's basically a big interactive puzzle room. Your team will have 60 minutes to complete the mission at hand and make your escape. No experience necessary!
Q. How do I book a game?

A. Please book your game in advance on our website to secure your time spot. We may not be able to accommodate walk-ins depending on the schedule that day. Simply click the "Book a Game" button at the top of the page. If you're interested in a time not listed on our calendar, email us and we will do our best to make it happen! If you'd like to add additional players (up to our max) after you've made your reservation you are more than welcome to. Any additional guests can pay when they arrive.
Q. What ages can play? How many people are allowed in the room?

A. Ages 12+ are welcome to enjoy our family friendly escape games. Youngins 15 and under will require at least one adult to be a participant in the room with them. The max group size will be listed in each room's description. Each room requires a minimum ticket purchase of 3 and at least 2 players for the game. All bookings are private.
Q. So, what if there are only 2 of us?

A. Not a problem. Just book 3 slots and show up with 2 players. The minimum ticket purchase of 3 rule is to offset our operation costs and still enable us to offer private only bookings.
Q. What do you mean by "private only" bookings?

A. Stranger danger! While meeting new people can be lots of fun, sometimes you get stuck with some interesting characters. At Upside Down Escapes we ensure the only weirdos in the room with you are those of your choosing. Also, because we allow a younger audience to play our games, we understand an age gap can be frustrating when they aren't your kids.
Q. What hours are you open?

A. Our current schedule is as follows. Additional times available upon request.

Mondays: Closed

Tuesdays - Thursdays: 4pm-8pm

Fridays: 4pm-11pm

Saturdays: 11am-11pm

Sundays: 11am-8pm
Q. What time should we arrive? What do we need to wear / bring?

A. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your game start time so we can go over rules and other important information. Try  not to arrive any earlier than that so as not to disturb the group before you or overhear any super top secret game information! Wear comfortable clothes so you can hunt for clues. No need to bring anything but your brain, curiosity, & sense of adventure! Silly costumes welcome.
Q. What if I'm running late?

A. Please be respectful of the groups that have booked after you. The clock starts ticking at your start time with or without you! It's no problem to join your group in the room if they've already started playing, or if the whole group is running behind you can still play but just with a shorter time limit. No refunds for late arrivals or no shows, sowweee.
Q. Can I take pictures?

A. Photos and videos are not permitted inside the room in order to keep our game secrets, well, secret. We'll take a group photo in our lobby after the game. We don't want to spoil the fun for other potential escape enthusiasts!
Q. How much does it cost? Do you offer any discounts?

A. Cost is $26 per player. Be sure to like and follow our Facebook page and join our mailing list to stay in the loop about discounts and promotions. We also proudly offer a 15% discount for students & military with valid ID.
Q. Am I allowed to leave the room during the hour?

A. When you're in an escape room and your butt begins to boom! Diarr..... Don't let it get to that point! Just step out of the room, do your biz, and rejoin the group when you're ready. The same goes for important calls, an awkward itch, or even the zombie apocalypse.
Q. Should I loosen up with a drink or two before the game?

A. Please don't. Trust us, it just leads to broken stuff and frustration. Plus you'll want your full mental faculties to take on our games. In fact, those who appear to be under the influence will not be allowed to play and no refunds will be given. Don't be "that person" who ruins the experience for the team. You can celebrate after the game when and IF you escape. *insert evil laughter here*
Q. Do I need any special knowledge or skills to play?

A. Nope! Everything you need to solve the puzzles and challenges lies hidden within the room. No outside knowledge expected or necessary. Not even those sweet nunchuck or bo staff skills.
Q. What if we get stuck on a puzzle?

A. Have no fear, your Game Master is here! For realz tho, the Game Master is watching EVERYTHING you do. They see you. They hear you. It's not creepy at all..... It's actually for your benefit so we can nudge you along when you get stuck. Each room will have it's own unique clue delivery system that will be explained prior to game start. Don't let pride get in the way either! Clues are a part of the game so take advantage!
Q. What is your cancellation/refund policy?

A. Treat your escape game ticket like you would a concert or movie ticket. No refunds are allowed, but you can totally gift or transfer your ticket to another person interested in taking your spot for that same time slot. Games can only be rescheduled if you give us at least 24 hours notice.
Q. Where are you located?

A. We are located in the heart of Taunton in the Mill River Shopping Center along with the YMCA, Fratelli's Bakery, Planet Fitness and more. You can find our main entrance a couple doors over from the Subway at 1 Washington St, Suite 500. Treasure maps available upon request. (This is not factual)
Q. Where should I park?

A. We have a ginormous parking lot and you are welcome to use any open space your heart desires. Seriously, parking is always plentiful and always free. Your car is but a small fish in a large parking ocean.


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