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Meet the Staff

Meet UDEG’s Staff of

Escape Room Game Masters!

Our entire staff is comprised of wonderful, upbeat individuals who are just as excited about escape rooms as we are!

Meet our team:

Amy – Supervisor & Game Master

“I like to go where the sidewalk ends, where the trees meet the shore, or just around the river bend.
My path has not been obvious, my trail not always paved, two roads diverged in a single wood, and I prefer to choose the one that challenges me to be brave.”


Becky – Game Master

“I am a student at Northeastern and a total nerd. My interests include photography, community service, biology, engineering, math, and spending time with family and friends. I am a movie and tv show fanatic, name it and I may or may not have watched it (what can I say there are a lot of films out there). Personally I believe that toads are to frogs as pickles are to cucumbers and I won’t hear otherwise.”


Grace – Game Master

“I am a senior in high school, and I absolutely love biology, especially genetics and anatomy. I am also a major theatre kid and I love acting. When I’m not being a total nerd some of my favorite things to do are hanging out with my cat and probably annoying him, watching sunsets and going on adventures with my friends. I have also watched Grey’s Anatomy a lot, I’ve rewatched it from start to finish at least 4 times (and while that may seem like a lot to some people, in my opinion no other show could ever be as good as Grey’s is which is why I keep watching it). I truly believe that Amelia is the better Shepherd and that she is so much better than Derek ever was, and no one can convince me otherwise.”


KatieBeth – Game Master

“Someday I’m going to write video games, but for now I mostly play them. When I’m not out questing or studying computers, I like to read about human history and culture (and a healthy helping of comics, I love Black Canary), cosplay, and make art. I think the best way to save the world is to listen to other people and be kind, though sometimes catching the bad guy monologuing with a strategic boulder does the trick.”

Molly – Game Master“My ultimate goal is to be able to travel the world while making music. Designing graphics and creating music for movies and video games seems like the coolest job ever and it inspires and motivates me every day! Art and creativity have always been my passion.”


Sierra – Game Master

“I love board games and bad jokes. A lot of my time is spent watching trashy reality tv (The Bachelor, Survivor, you know the type) and chasing my cat around the house desperately for her affection (she would definitely get my final rose). If you ask me, the Trojans should have never trusted that horse.”

From all of us here at Upside Down Escapes, we can’t wait to meet you!