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The Mole of The Mountain – Coming August 2024!

It’s been years since you’ve last seen your grandpa, so you’ve planned a surprise visit to go see him. When arriving at his home, you find it vacant, covered in layers of dust. The bed is made, but appears to have not been slept in for ages, and all the food in the fridge has long expired. Where has your grandpa gone?

You find a small notebook on his desk. It’s your grandpa’s journal! It contains notes about a holy guru known to his followers as “The Mole of the Mountain”, who promises to teach those who seek him the path to enlightenment. Intrigued, you set off to follow in your grandpa’s footsteps. The notes in his journal lead you to an abandoned scrapheap.

You discover a giant mountain of trash within. There is a cave-like entrance into the trash heap. This must be where your grandfather went! You bravely venture forth into the cavernous mouth of this mountain of trash. What secrets await you inside?

More details coming soon!