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Baggage Bandits

We’re back in the Golden Age of travel, and you are a member of the infamous gang of Baggage Bandits. You and your crew have been hired to hit up the Owl Express Train Station and break into as much luggage as you can get your hands on with the hope of gaining possession of valuable souvenirs and precious artifacts. The more you steal, the bigger the payoff from your boss. Do you have what it takes to make a living off this life of crime?

Experience is recommended (but not required) for this intermediate plus challenge level escape room as this is currently one of our more challenging games. However, if this is one of your first escape rooms and/or there are younger players in your group, it is best to start with our Gingerbread themed game first. We know we know, but you are super smart! You play puzzle games on your phone! It’s not that we don’t believe you…it’s just that there is a learning curve with escape rooms. You kinda have to play one first in order to fully understand them. The Gingerbread game gives you the best chance of solving some of the puzzles independently your first go round. Then, once you have an idea how it works, you can take on one of our other games and challenge yourself to solve as much as you can independently in that one. No matter what you choose though, we offer unlimited hints to help try to get you through!

Bandits is recommended for ages 12+, but younger players allowed at parents discretion, with a minimum age requirement of 5. Please note that any players under the age of 16 are required to be accompanied by at least one adult participant for ALL games.

Minimum/Maximum Team Size: 2-4 (we will allow larger groups to book this room if you have a teams of 5-6, but for an optimal experience we suggest a max of 4 players)

Recommended Team Size: 2-4

Cost: $36 per player for groups of 2-3
$33 per player for groups of 4-5
$30 per player for groups of 6

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