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New Schedule Begins Today

Even though summer is ending, our escape rooms on the Cape are open all year long! Check out our new schedule and book your adventure today!

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Mission: Homeland Escape Room Retiring Soon!

This game is retiring on September 30th to make room for a seasonal holiday game from our friends at Upside Down Escape Games in Taunton, so be sure to play it while you still can!

Mission Homeland is one of our more challenging games and is only here for one more month! Do you have what it takes to stop the double agent by thwarting his nuclear attack? Find out more about this game by clicking here.

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Reopening Wednesday July 1st! New Restrictions Apply

Riddle’s Really Rad Reopening (good luck saying that 5 times fast…) is almost here! We’ve got extended hours all summer long to help you beat the heat with one of our 5 unique adventures. The best part? All of our games are now PRIVATE! Stranger danger isn’t an issue here! In fact, we are requiring all groups to book in advance so we can make sure you don’t even run into any strangers in the lobby. How’s that for social distancing? In addition, masks are mandatory for ALL PLAYERS. Don’t worry, we will be wearing them too! We have also increased the amount of time in between games so we have plenty of time to safely and properly sanitize the room for the next group. There will also be sanitizer stations and extra soap available for you to wash your hands before and after your game.

Our summer hours will be 12pm-8pm Sunday-Thursday and 12pm-10pm Friday-Saturday. You can check out our new game schedule and make your reservation using the button below.

Book Here

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Coronavirus Closing – Effective 3/15/2020

To Our Friends,

We understand and share your concerns about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and are taking steps to minimize any potential contact and spread by closing March 15 for two weeks. We will continue to monitor the situation and heed the recommendations of health officials. Our number one goal at Riddle has always been the safety of our staff and customers and we feel at this time, though we are saddened to do so, that closing is the responsible thing to do.

When gathering in groups is once again safe, we look forward to welcoming you all back to Riddle for some fun and excitement with your friends and family. In the meantime, please practice social distancing. Even if you are young and healthy, taking a step back will help prevent further spread to those at high risk, like our grandparents and parents. It’s easy, being on the Cape, to think: this won’t happen here, but it is and we need to do all we can to flatten the curve.

Be safe and be well.

Your friends at Riddle


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A Brief History of Escape Rooms

We’re continually asked 2 questions: 1) What’s an escape room (which we covered in a previous blog post), and 2) Where the heck did this escape room phenomenon come from?

While the escape room concept is new to Cape Cod, they’ve actually been around for about a decade.

Not surprising, the concept began online where gamers had to escape a virtual room by solving clues and puzzles. Crimson Room was probably the most well-known and popular.

The virtual game evolved into the live action version in the early 2000’s when SCRAP, a Japanese publishing house, opened The Real Escape Game in 2007. The story goes that 35 year-old Takao Kato was sitting in a class in 2006, looked over a friend’s shoulder and saw her playing a game on her computer. The game involved pointing and clicking her mouse around a virtual room to reveal clues needed to unlock the front door. Takao, who had been looking to create a new event experience, was intrigued. A year later, he launched the Real Escape Game.

Real Escape Games spread quickly with rooms proliferating throughout Asia. In 2012, SCRAP brought the first Real Escape Game to the U.S. with a launch in San Francisco. The phenomenon has since mushroomed across the country. By some numbers, there are roughly 600 escape rooms in the States, mostly in metropolitan cities like New York, Vegas and New Orleans. And now, Mashpee, Cape Cod!

In Japan, they’ve even taken the experience out of a single room, holding Real Escape Games in venues like ruined hospitals, stadiums and amusement parks. That got us thinking…could an “Escape the Beach” be in our future?!

Want to see what all of the hype is about? Live in the Cape Cod area? Why not book an escape room with the Cape’s only escape room experience.

Book Here

Be sure to check back on the Riddle blog and follow us on Facebook for updates!

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Escape Rooms 101

If you’re new to escape rooms (also called mystery rooms or escape games), you should know that they are actually a worldwide phenomenon.  They’ve been around in major cities like San Francisco and Budapest for years and are now springing up like mad as people crave live action entertainment that doesn’t involve a screen. Yeah, even in places like Cape Cod!

Here’s what you need to know if you’re heading into a room for the first time:

First, the general concept. You’re in a room and you have 60 minutes to solve a series of puzzles, riddles and connecting clues, complete your mission and get out of the room.  Each mission revolves around a theme — some fun, some scary, some funny, some that even transport you back in time — you get it, something for everyone!

Is the room locked?

Nope! Fire codes tend to frown upon trapping people in a room, but you can totally pretend you are to heighten the experience!

Teammates?  So I have to bring friends?

At Riddle, games are geared for between 2 and 8 people, but different games have different numbers of players they can accommodate. Usually a team of 4 is the sweet spot, but you are welcome to play with more or less!

Is this good for a date?  Are escape rooms romantic?

What’s sexier than an adrenaline-rushed action game?  Plus, you can gauge his or her wit and see how graceful they are under pressure.  And if you ever stress over “what to talk about” on a date, we have you covered. As they say, the couple that escapes together, stays together! Or, errr, something like that.

Should I go with colleagues or friends?  

Depends on what kind of experience you’re after.  If it’s about rallying your work team, it’s an awesome corporate outing – way better than a company picnic.  If it’s about a night with friends doing something other than sitting on bar stools, your friends will think you’re a hero (although we highly recommend pulling up a bar stool at one of Mashpee Common’s fine dining establishments after you’re done)!

What are my chances of winning?

Success rates in escape rooms tend to vary, but if you stay focused on the tasks at hand and utilize the hints given by your game master, your chances of success will increase.  At Riddle, we have a variety of challenge levels and some have a higher solve rate than others.  Our Game Masters can guide you towards an appropriate game for your group.  But hey, keep your chin up if you don’t escape, there’s always next time!

I think I’m wicked smaaht, but what if my friends aren’t? Will they derail me?

All sorts of smarts come into play in an escape room.  There’s a misconception that escape rooms are about doing a lot of math. Not so.  It’s about searching, being inquisitive and thinking outside of the box. Explore every item in the room and question it – is that lamp really a lamp or does it contain something?  Puzzles are often less complicated than they seem on the surface.  Gamers often solve a puzzle and say “aha, so simple!” Bringing friends or colleagues whose brains tick in different ways is your best bet! Communication with your teammates is also critical for success.

What else should I know?

Besides remembering to use the bathroom before entering the room, you should also know that this will be one of the most memorable experiences you ever have if you immerse yourself!  This isn’t the time to be shy. Have an idea, shout it out!  Seriously, SHOUT it – it’s exhilarating!

Win or lose, the best part is the post-escape debriefing! Okay, debriefing sounds kind of corporate, but by debriefing we mean having a couple of cocktails; playing back all of the riddles and the “shoulda coulda wouldas” with your teammates; and talking about what an insanely cool experience you just had!

Have more questions? Shoot us an e-mail @ or check out our FAQ!

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